• Of construction companies cannot find enough QUALIFIED workers in the trades they require




According to the Hotel Association of Canada
  • 2 of every 3 of accommodation businesses see labour issues as a significant business impediment.
  • Rooms going unsold, business is being turned away, and expansion plans are being curtailed.
  • Operations are scaled back or doors open with insufficient staff
  • 33% growth in available full-time jobs supported through growing consumer demand for accommodation services by 2035.
Canadian immigration Is essential to fill predicted workplace shortages in the coming years.

Ann Arbour has a proven track record of 20 years of working with Canadian companies in assisting them with incorporating foreign talent into their teams with quality foreign qualified and experienced employees, processing all permits for the employer and employee, assisting in the relocation process, renewal of permits and finally processing the residency applications for the employees through a Provincial or Federal Program. As more and more Canadians reach retirement age and as Canadian companies grow and expand, there are not nearly enough Canadian workers to fill the labour requirements of Canadian companies. It has become increasingly clear that in order for our businesses to succeed, recruitment efforts must reach well beyond Canada.

Our recruits consists of a culturally diverse and fully motivated talent pool which allows Canadian companies to remain competitive in the global market place.

Our Services include
  • Working with the HR team in companies to identify positions that are difficult to fill with Canadians and draw up a plan of recruitment and retention of foreign educated and trained employees
  • Provide necessary advise on the process and assess the employer and the employee for eligibility to partake in the foreign worker program.
  • Process the LMIA paper work including assistance in advertising, advise employer on interviewing with Service Canada, ongoing advise on regulations and ensure compliance of all regulations of the foreign worker program
  • Recommend foreign employees after initial screening and eligibility to immigrate to Canada.
  • Accompany employers on foreign recruitment trips.
  • Process all permits for the employees
  • Assist in the landing process.
  • On-going assistance such as renewal of permits and advising any changes to regulations.
  • Advice and assistance on retaining the workers that are eligible to apply for residency. Workers can apply for residency either under the Provincial Nomination Program or the Federal program. We would assess eligibly of worker and how best to apply.

For more information email Sharmila Perera directly on sharmila@annarbour.com


Great workers are hard to come by. If the foreign worker you have hired is an asset to you then sponsoring them for permanent residency not only assists the workers to stay in Canada and bring their families but it will also benefit you in the long term.

You can assist your worker gain residency, under the Federal program or a Provincial Program. If the worker is not a skilled worker then your choice is Provincial Nomination

If your worker is a skilled worker you can sponsor them under the Provincial Nomination or assist them in their Federal application by providing the necessary letters /proof of work that is required by CIC.

Ann Arbour can assess each worker and advice the best course of action that is faster and easier for both the employer and the employee. Email sharmila@annarbour.com.


Q. Can any employer sponsor a foreign worker (FW)?
A. No. An employer must be eligible to sponsor a foreign worker. Eligibility can depend on number of years in business, financial status, city and Province where the business is located etc.

Q. Can an eligible employer make an offer of employment to any foreign worker?
A. No. the foreign worker’s education and experience must match the job description of the position you are hiring the FW for.

Q. Are there restriction as to which country the FW can come from?
A. No. a foreign worker can be of any nationality

Q. Can a hotel hire semi-skilled workers such as housekeepers?
A. Yes as long as the hotel is located in a city where the unemployment rate is less than 6%

Q. How long can a foreign worker work with an employer?
A. The initial work permit can be for 1- 3 years depending on the position and the program they are entering Canada on. Ex. A semi-skilled permit under an LMIA will be for 1 year and a work permit under the Francophone program can be for 3 years.

Q. Can a foreign worker apply for permanent residency without the assistance or sponsorship of the employer?
A. Yes. If the worker is Skilled under NOC 0, A or B the worker may apply for residency without the assistance or sponsorship of the employer as long as they are able to prove work experience in Canada.

Q. Can a semi skilled worker apply for residency?
A. Yes under a Provincial Nomination. They cannot apply under the Express Entry. Employer undertaking is necessary.

Q. Can a foreign worker coming under an employer specific LMIA work with another employer?
A. No. Not unless the other employer also has provided the worker with an LMIA.

Q. Does an employer need to offer full time work to foreign workers?
A. Yes. Full time can be 30 hours or 32 hours per week depending on Provincial regulations.

Q. How does an employer know how much to pay the foreign worker?
A. Median wage as specified by ESDC is the wage that must be paid as a minimum to any foreign worker.

Q. Does an employer need to undertake to bear all costs of an employee such as airfare and housing?
A. Not all foreign workers need to be paid transportation costs or provided housing. Most semi skilled workers need to be provided transportation costs and assistance in locating housing. Some skilled workers need not be provided such benefits. It is best to seek advice from a professional Immigration Consultant or ESDC before making the offer

For answers to more questions email sharmila@annarbour.com

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