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    A Beacon of Professionalism and Efficiency

    My husband sought the services of Ann Arbour Consultants to navigate the complex process of immigration in 2021, and We couldn't be happier with our experience. From the initial consultation to the final stages of my application, every step was handled with remarkable professionalism and efficiency.

    One of the standout features of Ann Arbour is their comprehensive understanding of immigration laws and procedures. They are well-versed in the latest changes in regulations, ensuring that all documentation and applications are up-to-date. This knowledge significantly eased my stress and uncertainty about the process.

    Sharmila, Natalya , Ayoma ,Udari and Amilia are incredibly responsive. Whenever We had questions or concerns, we received prompt and clear responses. They made sure we understood each step, which helped build our confidence in the process. Their communication skills are exceptional, which is crucial when dealing with intricate legal matters.

    Furthermore, We appreciated the personalized approach took with our case. They took the time to understand our unique circumstances and tailor their advice accordingly. It felt like we had a trusted partner guiding me through a complex journey.

    Another aspect worth mentioning is their commitment to transparency. All fees and costs were explained upfront, with no hidden charges. This level of honesty is rare in the industry and speaks volumes about their integrity.Sharmila is like the crown jewel of the Canadian immigration world, while Natalya is its dazzling gem.

    Overall, We highly recommend Ann Arbour to anyone in need of immigration consulting. Their expertise, communication, and personalized approach make them an invaluable asset in navigating immigration processes. With them by your side, you can feel confident that you're in capable hands.

    After 20 months, we've become permanent residents of Canada, unlocking a world full of opportunities. Diduli & Tiran

    -Diduli Gunawardena
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    We have used Ann Arbour Consultant Inc. to process our PR application recently. They have been recommended by another happy close friend who also used their service before. Me and my wife are very amazed with the level of service they have provided from the whole process of starting the application until the end result of getting our PR card successfully. Sharmila and Natalya are both fantastic and been a big help all through out the process. They are both easy to contact and communicates very well. Any issues and inquiries are all well answered. Their guidance to the process is clear and detailed and they are well verse in what they do. I am confident to recommend their service to everyone. A big THANK YOU to Ann Arbour Consultant Inc.

    -Albert Bautista
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    Highly recommend consultant agency..
    Staff very friendly and accommodating at all time. They help us to work here in Canada

    -Ria Dollor Panal
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    Exceptional Immigration Services!
    I cannot express enough gratitude to Ann Arbour Consultants for their outstanding support in helping me secure my Permanent Residency within just 14 months of arriving in Canada.
    Their team of dedicated consultants guided me through every step of the process, providing invaluable advice, meticulous attention to detail, and unwavering support. They navigated through the complexities of immigration procedures effortlessly, ensuring a smooth and efficient journey towards achieving my permanent residency status.
    I am particularly impressed by Shermila, Ranjila, Dilhani. Special thanks to Natalya Tyumentseva whose expertise and dedication were instrumental in making this dream a reality. Her proactive communication, personalized approach, and commitment to excellence truly set her apart.
    Thanks to Ann Arbour I can now call Canada my permanent home with confidence and peace of mind. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone seeking reliable and efficient immigration assistance. Thank you for your exceptional work!

    Danu & Chathu

    -Danu Gunasekara
  • Testimonial

    5 star for Ann Arbour! I just want to thank all the staff who helped me in this process.. after signing the contract to them, in just 1 day i had interview! Kudos to Ms Sharmila, Ms Natalya, Ms Amilia, Ms Ranjila and the whole team!! A VERY TRUSTED IMMIGRATION CONSULTANTS..

    -Erika Alejandre
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    They are super professional and the team is excellent

    -Kumar Bhoobun
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    The team of Ann Arbour is doing their duty professionally and responsibility. They always guide correct way for succss our journey. I recommended them to anyone who is looking for work opportunities in Canada.

    -Ayomi Yakandawala
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    I recently had the pleasure of working with Ann Arbour Consultants Inc, a consultancy agency that guided me through the entire application process for my Canadian dream. I would like to sincerely thank Ms. Natalya, Ms. Amilia, Ms. Smriti, Ms. Nishanthi, Mr. Peter, Ms. Dilhani, Ms. Udhari, Ms. Piume, Ms. Sharmila, and all the other hidden team members who supported me in achieving my goal. From the very beginning, I bombarded Ms. Dilhani with numerous inquiries through emails. Despite my constant questioning, she remained patient and diligent in addressing all my concerns. Her prompt responses and clear explanations greatly reassured me throughout the process. I also had the opportunity to speak with Ms. Nishanthi during phone calls, and I must say that she played a pivotal role in comforting me during moments of anxiety. Her empathetic nature and warm persona made me feel comfortable discussing my concerns with her. The entire team at Ann Arbour Consultants Inc demonstrated incredible professionalism and expertise in every step of the application process. They were thorough in their guidance, ensuring that I understood all the requirements and procedures involved. Without their support and assistance, navigating through this complex process would have been much more challenging. I am truly grateful for their dedication and hard work in making my Canadian dream a reality. I wholeheartedly recommend Ann Arbour Consultants Inc to anyone in need of proper guidance and support for their immigration or study abroad aspirations. Moving forward, I am confident that I can rely on their expertise for further assistance in my future endeavors. Once again, thank you to the entire team at Ann Arbour Consultants Inc for their exceptional service.

    -Saroj Thapa
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    I would like to take this moment to thank Ann Arbour consultancy & all the crew members for bringing dream in to live . A year ago Mrs. Sharmila perera conducted the conference at dubai and explain all the process very clearly . From the moment I started the process with Ann arbour and till this moment entire process was very smooth , professional & transparent . Each and every processing managers was so humble & down to earth ( Peter, Emilia , Smirti ,Ayoma & Natalya) . Once again I really want to share my humble gratitude with Ann arbour . A place for trustworthy for your life dream πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

    -Leoman Laal
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    It’s been a long stressful process but because of the help and guide of all the staff finally my dream came true.thank you Ann Arbour Consultant

    -Cindy Nikki Obligado
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    We’ve just got time now to say proper thanks to Ann Arbour Team, from the beginning till the end the professionalism of every each team members are remarkable. From the initial discussion with very patient Smriti, documents collection with Ranjila and application submission with Natalya as well as Sharmila, founder, herself and the whole Ann Arbour Team are all accommodating and supportive in enlightening and helping your needs. Couldn’t thank you enough for all the wonderful jobs have you done to make our wish fulfilled and hope another milestone to achieve in near future. I have recommended to a couple of friends already and would recommend anyone who are interested in the same endeavor.

    -Katie Hmwe
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    Thank You Ann arbour immigration Consultants for giving us a Hand in my Visa Application. And thank you Sharmila Perera maam continuing your group like that professional. The whole team especially Smriti Bhargava, Ranjila Fernando and Natalya Tyumentseva Maam are very hard working in terms of information gathering from us.. They are truly knowledgeable, skilled and has empathy throughout the process. No doubt, the company’s success and the recommendations of their clients speaks for itself. They were much motivated than us, in putting up this application possible for me. They always answered all my questions and concern at all hours without getting annoyed. They give us right direction to make our Candian dream soon to be come true and continue more in the future.. I know that they were much pressured than us while fixing all the requirements and paper works before lodging my visa.. but all in all they were legit and worth trusting people and their Company, because they didn’t fail us in my Visa approval..Please continue to guide, support and help other aspiring people like us. They will definitely help to bring my wife too.Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

    -Isuru Chathuranga
  • Testimonial

    I want to give a big thank you to Ann Arbour Consultants Inc. for helping me achieve my dream of moving to Canada! From when I first asked about it to getting my work permit, they were really professional and dedicated. Shemila, who owns the company, leads an amazing team including Ranjila, Smiriti, Nataliya, Nirmal, Ayoma, and everyone else who works there. They paid close attention to every detail and worked really hard to make sure my application went smoothly. Even though I was told it might take a year, they managed to get my work permit for me right on time. They knew exactly what documents to gather, how to handle the LMIA process, and made sure I met all the requirements. I totally recommend Ann Arbour Consultants Inc. to anyone who needs help with immigration. They don't just meet expectations, they go above and beyond to make dreams come true. Thanks again for all your amazing help and professionalism.

    -Rosi Lk
  • Testimonial

    Thank you all AnnArbour team to make my dream come true. I would suggest all those who wanted to be in Canada for rest of their life please consult AnnArbour which will make your your job easy. I still remember when I got my first call from Mr Nirmal and so on to Smriti Udari Ranjila and Natalya who showed so much concern about my process and really appreciate their hard work and dedication. All of the staff are well behaved knowledgeable and more of that they show much of concern. At each and every step of the process was well explained which gives us plenty satisfaction and comfort. Lastly I would like to give my humble gratitude to all the staff of AnnArbour. Thank you so much. Canada I am coming soon.. whooo whooo.

    -Prashant Nair
  • Testimonial

    I'm happy to thank the Ann Arbour team for helping me fulfill my dream of getting a work visa in Canada. Their efficiency, trustworthiness, and honesty is far above my expectations. The professionalism of the personnel made a potentially difficult scenario go well. I sincerely suggest Ann Arbour to anyone in need of immigration support; they are excellent. I am grateful for your priceless assistance and positive attitude throughout the journey

    -Janaka Perera
  • Testimonial

    I had a wonderful experience with Ann Arbour. Marina Isaac was with me in every process, she was able to help me with my request. She was professional and handeled my requests and helped with my application in every step. She was their for me answered all my questions. She had been a great help. I recommend Anna Arbour Consultant for a faster and proffesional help.

    -Rayan Shamas
  • Testimonial

    Amazing Staff and very knowledgeable. All are very friendly and supportive and helped my family many times through the years. Miss Marina Issac was the one who helped me with the last paperwork process and she was very supportive every step of the way

  • Testimonial

    They have an amazing team! helped me since day one getting my visa, work permit then PR and now my Canadian citizenship! They’re very knowledgeable and experienced in what they’re doing! Thanks a lot

    -Amal Ghorani
  • Testimonial

    Dear Ann Arbour Consultants Team, I am writing to express my profound gratitude for the exceptional service provided by Ann Arbour Consultants in handling Canadian immigration matters. In my experience, Ann Arbour stands out as the best consultancy firm in the Middle East, demonstrating an unparalleled level of trustworthiness, professionalism, and friendliness. Comparatively, your team surpasses others in the industry by consistently striving to secure the most fitting job opportunities with reputable Canadian companies, making you the top choice for immigration assistance. The realization of my long-awaited dream to work in Canada has finally come true, and I attribute this success entirely to the unwavering support, effort, dedication, and commitment of the Ann Arbour team. I extend my heartfelt thanks to Sharmila, Natalay, Nirmal, Smriti, Ayoma, Dilhani, and the entire Ann Arbour team. Your collective efforts have been nothing short of amazing, and I am truly grateful for the personalized guidance and assistance I have received. Once again, thank you for making this journey possible. I am excited about the new chapter ahead and appreciate the exceptional service provided by Ann Arbour Consultants. Best regards, Lahiru

    -Lahiru De Silva
  • Testimonial

    Dear Mrs. Sharmila & Ann Arbour Team, I would like to thank you so much for all the hard work in helping me to obtain my work permit in Canada. I know that it could not have happened without you what was probably the most stressful situation to deal with some other consultants. But it was made so much easier with all your time, patience and positive attitude. Through my friend's recommendation I contacted Ann Arbour and I knew that I was dealing with a person who is highly professional in the field. Your team knew all the answers to my questions and right away offered me an appropriate option. I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for an immigration lawyer. Thank you!

    -Supun Dhanushara
  • Testimonial

    I am writing to convey my most profound appreciation for your exceptional assistance and guidance throughout Canada's Visa application process. Your tireless support was key in ensuring the smooth and successful completion of this vital step in my journey. Your expertise and attention to detail were truly remarkable. I am sincerely thankful for the time and effort you committed to helping me navigate the complexities of the Visa application. Your guidance eased my apprehensions and instilled confidence in me that I was in capable hands. Demonstrating professionalism and dedication that exceeded my expectations. Your clear communication and willingness to assist at every stage made what could have been a stressful experience surprisingly smooth and manageable. I feel extremely fortunate to have had you as a resource and advocate throughout this process. Your support has helped me secure my Visa and left a lasting positive impression on my overall experience. Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your invaluable assistance. I look forward to the next steps in my journey, and I am grateful to have had such a competent and supportive guide by my side. Best regards, Rakitha

    -Rakitha Amendra
  • Testimonial

    I would like to express Ann Arbour Consultants Inc is the best consultancy firm handling Canadian immigration matters. Also, they have very professional, experienced and friendly staff. Finally, the long-awaited day comes true. I would like to thank you for all the support and effort you have provided me in making my way to work in Canada. As well as, it will not be possible without your assistance, guidance, dedication and commitment. Special thanks to Madam Sharmila, Madam Amilia, Madam Dilhani, Madam Smriti, Madam Natalya and the entire Ann Arbour team. Thank you.

    -Chitharu Mihiran Abeywardene
  • Testimonial

    Wow amazing team work and highly recommend Ann Arbour consultants.I would like to specially Thanks to Sharmila, Nirmal , Smriti ,Udari ,Natalya , Dilhani and everyone who supported me to achieve my dream get a work permit..whole process are guided very clear and professional…amazing team I’m so happy about your service,Thank you so much for all the team Ann Arbour consultants,Good luck Dilhan De silva

    -Dilhan De Silva
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    I would like to take the time to thank Ms. Sharmila, Ms.Amilia Ms.Natalya, and the Ann Arbour team for your effort and the service you provided to get our visa. I must say you guys are an unforgettable part of this journey as we complete 1 year in Canada. From the moment I spoke with Ms. Sharmila I knew that I was in good hands. She is kind, understanding, and incredibly knowledgable about the immigration process. She went above and beyond to help us with our case and we couldn't come this far without her. Thank you all again and I highly recommend Ann Arbour consultant πŸ™β€οΈ

    -Udara Jayasinha
  • Testimonial

    I had a fantastic experience with Ann Arbour Consultant Inc during the visa application process. The staff was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and attentive to my needs. Specially Ms.Natalya, Mr.Nirmal, Ms.Udari, Ms.Ranjila, Mr.Peter, Ms.Smriti & Ms.Shermila. They guided me through each step of the process, providing clear instructions and ensuring all required documents were in order. The communication was top-notch, with prompt responses to my queries, which made the entire process smooth and stress-free. The expertise of the team was evident as they navigated any challenges that arose, and I felt confident that I was in capable hands. Moreover, the agency demonstrated a high level of transparency regarding fees and processing times, and there were no hidden surprises. I appreciated their commitment to keeping me informed throughout the entire process. Overall, I highly recommend Ann Arbour Consultant Inc for anyone seeking visa assistance. Their professionalism, efficiency, and dedication to customer satisfaction are truly commendable. I'm grateful for their support in making my visa application a success. Thank you, Ms. Shermila and the Ann Arbour team, for your outstanding service! Imesh Nimantha

    -Imesh Nimantha
  • Testimonial

    Absolutely! " Dear Ann Arbour team, I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding service and valuable insights your team has provided.Your dedication and expertise have been instrumental in our success. I highly recommend Ann Arbour to everyone without any hesitation to get success.

    -Sujith Maxwel
  • Testimonial

    I had a fantastic experience with Ann Arbour Consultant Inc during the visa application process. The staff was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and attentive to my needs. Specially Ms.Natalya, Mr.Nirmal, Ms.Udari, Ms.Ranjila, Mr.Peter, Ms.Smriti & Ms.Shermila. They guided me through each step of the process, providing clear instructions and ensuring all required documents were in order.

    The communication was top-notch, with prompt responses to my queries, which made the entire process smooth and stress-free. The expertise of the team was evident as they navigated any challenges that arose, and I felt confident that I was in capable hands.


    Moreover, the agency demonstrated a high level of transparency regarding fees and processing times, and there were no hidden surprises. I appreciated their commitment to keeping me informed throughout the entire process.

    Overall, I highly recommend Ann Arbour Consultant Inc for anyone seeking visa assistance. Their professionalism, efficiency, and dedication to customer satisfaction are truly commendable. I'm grateful for their support in making my visa application a success.

    Thank you, Ms. Shermila and the Ann Arbour team, for your outstanding service!

    Imesh Nimantha

    -Imesh Nimantha
  • Testimonial

    I would like to give my sincere gratitude to all of the Ann arbour team members for supporting me to enter Canada and get a job in a valuable and beautiful place and my work permit viza. Since day 1 they coordinate everything me very cleary.I highly recommend Ann arbour for any one who wish to come to Canada for the job and the PR.
    Thank you to the whole team of Ann Arbour for the wonderful opportunity that you gave me and special thanks to Smrita and Natalya who were very supportive and guided me in the entire process ....

    -Asim Khan
  • Testimonial

    I highly recommend Ann Arbour Consultants for any kind of visa process. Their expertise and professionalism were outstanding, and they provided excellent guidance throughout. I confidently endorse their services for anyone in need of support with their work visa. The team of the Ann Arbour has broad knowledge and long experience in migration consulting would help to get appropriate advice for skill workers who seek the right direction. Further, special thanks go to Sharmila Perera, Smriti Bhargava, Dilhani Dharmadasa, Udari Kapu Geekiyanage and Natayla Tyumentseva for their phenomenal job. All the best!

    - Lochana Bimal
  • Testimonial

    The long waited day comes true. Thankyou Sharmila, Ann Arbour Consultants Inc for the grate consultantation given to achieve my next goal through the Work Permit. It's all because of you and your team. All of you at Annarbour Consulting are very smart in this. I felt that it was easy to handle my application process through your guidance. I had many questions, doubts, and clarifications. Whenever I asked anything, a reply was given, respectively, and quickly in an understandable manner. Thank you for your immense support. I have no word to express my gratitude.

    I suggest and recommend Ann Arbour Consultants are the best for the immigration processes. Feel free to contact them and process your Visa Application.

    -Arulsoban Arulnesan
  • Testimonial

    Amazing service.....Team Ann Arbour.

    I came with my wife to Canada a few months back, and I truly believe without the help of team Ann Arbour, I wouldn’t be able to make my Canada dream come true in such a short period. From the first day, I felt that my application was in safe hands as the entire process was transparent and hazel-free.


    I firmly recommend Ann Arbour because, they handled the application process efficiently and effectively and were very informative and professional at every step. They were highly competent during the entire process by giving excellent service, never-ending support, and professional guidance with encouragement. The team is experienced, listened to all our concerns politely, and provided the best and most accurate solutions. They essentially took the stress out of our application process.


    I am still over the moon thinking back on the entire process as I struggled to make my Canada dream a reality with many other agents before I started with Ann Arbour.

    My heartfelt thanks go to the entire team, especially to Ms. Sharmila, Amilia, Natalya, Smrithi, Dilhani, Ayoma and Peter. Thank you for being patient with our many questions and your prompt replies.


    It’s great to be working with a team that’s willing to help and cater to the needs of your client.

    My advice here is stay on a task, and you couldn’t be in better hands than with Ann Arbour Consultants.

    Thank you once again...
    Chamara Fonseka

    -Chamara Fonseka
  • Testimonial

    I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Sharmila, Smriti, Dilhani, Ranjila, Nirmal, Udari & Peter for supporting me throughout my work permit process. Even though it took a considerable time to fall everything in place due to numerous reasons, I received the golden news in just 7 weeks after submitting our applications.

    I highly appreciate the efforts of Natalya who had been extremely supportive and attentive all throughout and I would surely recommend Ann Arbour Consultants to anyone with no hesitation what so ever! Thank you AAC!

    -Chinthana Jayashan
  • Testimonial

    I can't express how grateful I am for the outstanding support we received from Ann Arbour Consultants. They helped us secure our work visas, and the entire process was incredibly smooth and stress-free.

    From the very beginning, the team displayed exceptional professionalism and expertise. They provided us with invaluable guidance, making sure we understood every step of the visa application process. Their timely and informative communication kept us in the loop, eliminating any doubts or uncertainties.

    What sets the Ann Arbour Consultants apart is their personal touch. They took the time to understand our unique situation and needs, tailoring their services accordingly. The attention to detail in preparing our documents and submitting our application was impressive.

    The team was not only knowledgeable but also supportive. They patiently addressed our concerns and questions, providing the reassurance we needed during this significant life change.

    Most importantly, our work visa applications were approved, thanks to the Ann Arbour Consultants meticulous work. We are now one step closer to our dream of working in Canada, and we owe a huge part of this success to their expertise.

    I highly recommend the Ann Arbour Consultants to anyone in need of immigration and visa services. Their professionalism, expertise, and dedication are top-notch. Thank you, Ann Arbour Consultants, for making our Canadian dream a reality. We're excited to start this new chapter in our lives.


    -Shavin Weeraseakara
  • Testimonial

    I Recommend Ann Arbour Consultants Inc for any type of visa for Canada. The whole team helped me on every step and always took follow up.. I got my Work permit this month in October.

    -Rocky Sharma
  • Testimonial

    the staff are nice and accomodating… five star service

    - morris bangoy
  • Testimonial

    I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to the whole team of Ann Arbour for helping us in every possible way they can in processing our valid work permit in Canada. Especially to Ms. Natalya, Smthri and Dilhani for being very patient in answering all quiries we have. We hope that you can help more people achieve there Canadian dream come true!

    -Almeen Joei Divino
  • Testimonial

    I’d like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to “Ann Arbour” and to each one who helped me throughout my application period until my work permit approval, especially to Ms. Sharmila Perera and Ms. Natalya for helping me to achieve my dreams. I really appreciate it. Once again, Thank you so much. I hope to meet everyone soon.

    I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS CONSULTANT FIRM!! it's worth it, no regrets…πŸ™‚

    -Joan Paloma
  • Testimonial

    I am incredibly grateful for the outstanding support and professionalism exhibited by the Ann Arbour Consultant that helped me process my job application. From the very beginning, their dedicated team of professionals ensured a seamless and efficient application process. Their attention to detail and prompt communucation greatly impresses me. They not only guided me through the entire application process but also provided valuable insights and tips to enhance my chances of success.

    Furthermore, Ann Arbour Consultant commitment to transparency was truly commendable. You kept me informed at every step, providing regular updates on the status of my application and promptly addressing any queries or concerns I had. This level of transparency not only built trust but also eliminated the anxiety that often accompanies job applications.

    Lastly, Ann Arbour Consultant exceptional customer service stood out. Your staff Nirmal, Smriti, Amelia, Ranjila, Natalya and Sharmila was not only knowledgeable but also friendly and approachable, creating a support and welcoming atmosphere. Their dedication to helping me achieve my career goals was evident throughout the process, and I am extremely thankful for their invaluable assistance. Overall, I can confidently say that Ann Arbour Consultant assitance played a pivotal role in my successful job application, and I would highly recommend their services to anyone seeking a seamless and positive application experience.

    -Arnold Abece
  • Testimonial

    I wish to place on note my sincere gratitude to Sharmila and the team for their efficient and effective service provided very honestly towards my Work permit.

    Special thanks Nirmal, Amilia, Smriti, Udari, Ranjila, Natalya for the updates and taking me towards process until this moment.

    My Hearties wishes to Sharmila and team in all their future endeavors.

    -Dinesh Lasantha
  • Testimonial

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone who supported me and guided me to achieve my dream. Specially Sharmila, Dilhani, Natalya, Amilia, Udari, Smriti, Peter and Ravi
    The whole process was very smooth and transparent. Im so happy with your service and im highly recommending Ann Arbour Consultants.Thank you once again and good luck.
    Mevan Fernando

    -Meone Ferdi
  • Testimonial

    Dear team Ann Arbour Consultants

    I wish to place my sincere appreciation in getting me the Canadian visa , & in the process keeping me updated as & when it was necessary. My special thank goes out to Ms. Natalya , Ms. Dilhani, Ms. Amilia, Ms. Sharmila in your team who actively & tirelessly worked towards the success of the story. I am personally delighted & wish to recommend your organization to all my known contacts who ever wishes to look for migration services to fall back on you as a trustworthy & reliable unit who realizes the Canadian dream of any one.

    Thank you very much for each & every one of you in the team..

    Wish you all good luck.

    -Radika Silva
  • Testimonial

    Confidence is the most beautiful thing you can possess.

    -Bijin Sivan
  • Testimonial

    thank you very much Ann Arbour for your support and guidance for my PR appreciate thank you for everything

    -Kasun Jayasooriya
  • Testimonial

    Fantastic support given by Sharmila, Amilia, Natalya and team. Highly recommend Annarbour Consultants..

    -Rajika Abeysekara
  • Testimonial

    very good service and nice stuff
    thank you so much Natalya and Sharmila and Peter and Emilia for the good service and God bless you all i am so happy to get my PR quick
    thank you πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

    -wissem wìss
  • Testimonial

    I was able to get my study permit through Ann arbour company.The staff is more helpful and follow-up .I would like to recommend anyone if you have dream to Canada pls proceed through this genuine consultants.

    -shamela fernando
  • Testimonial

    Fantastic and professional service. For the day one till the end Annarbour employees were so helpful. I truly recommend their services.

    -Jovica Drobnjak
  • Testimonial

    I really got great guidance for my Canadian PR from Ann arbour and I will definitely highly recommend Ann Arbour for Canadian immigration services.

    -Tejas Modak
  • Testimonial

    Highly recommend, this is the company that assisted me in all of my paperwork here in Canada. Starting from overseas employer interview, LMIA/LMO, work permit, PNP nomination, and PR application. Very reliable and keeps you updated regarding the status of your application. Thank you to the whole team. Specially to Sharmila and Natalya. More success in the future.

    -Jero Balleza
  • Testimonial

    ANN ARBOUR played an very integrated role in my life and carrer . I was doing my internships in Nashville Tennessee US in one of the attractions of GAYLORD AND OPRYLAND HOTELS , WILD HORSE SALOON as a J1 intern, as J1 you can only stay for a year and there is no further way to extend the visa , and i didnt wanted to go back , so at that point of time i was introduced to ANN ARBOUR consultancies which helped me to migrate to canada and with the help of sharmila perrera and her team i cracked the job as a line cook in one of the best fine dining restaurant chains in canada which totally changed my carrer graph. My heartful thanks to Sharmila mam and the total ANN ARBOUR family for helping me through the process .
    Thankyou guys and a big shout out to ANN ARBOUR.

    -Abhendu Bal
  • Testimonial

    I would suggest to anyone who is willing to migrate to Canada that Ann Arbor is a perfect and promising consulting agency where you can rely . It made my dream come true .
    If it's Ann Arbor than its got to be a success .
    Thanks Natalya you are so helpful..

    -gautom gogoi
  • Testimonial

    Well this company is trustworthy all the team members are really good and professional they have done my work permit as they promise me well i would like to refer everyone who wants to migrate to Canada Ann Arbour Consultants is the best. And thanks to all ms shermila, Peter, Amelia and Natalia

    -atif Shaikh
  • Testimonial

    I highly recommend Ann Arbour Consultants all are highly professional,Best and trust worthy.
    Ms. Natalya
    Ms.Dilhani all Queens
    and Mr.Peter are Playing best role throughout my all Process grateful to you. Many Thanks Again Guys to Fullfill my dream come true.

    -Suhel Hotelwala
  • Testimonial

    experiences with Ann Aurbor consultant and particularly Natalya,Amilia,Dilhani and Peter I have been nothing but the best experiences i had dealing with regulatory consultants.
    I can confidently recommend their high quality, professional work. If you’re dream come to in canada with them, I can say for sure that you are in great safe hands.Saiful.😍😍😍😍😍.

    -Saiful Shohel
  • Testimonial

    Best migration Agent,Annaubor handled my visa process professionally and quickly, always provided the best legal and expert advice for each step, Best customer service.Very professional and helpful. I am so glad I sought their service, I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of an Canadian migration Consultancy,,

    -sampath damian
  • Testimonial

    Who ever wish to apply for Canada Visa, I do highly recommended Annarbour Consultants..... They are providing excellent professional service & staff are very helpful for clients.... Thank you Annarbour team for your excellent service!!!

    -amal gunawardana
  • Testimonial

    Thank you all (Sharmila, Natalya, Amilia, Ashanti, Peter Ragell, Dilhani) for your invaluable support and guidance provided to me for my visa process till end. I strongly recommend every one Ann Arbour Consultants is the best consulting for immigrantion services. When my visa process started i have very little idea but the guidance support you all gave me is wonderfull and made difference. Thank you for helping me interms of documents check, verification, submission and followups. Thank you once again Natalya Madam.

    -Rajesh Donthula
  • Testimonial

    Thank you very much Sharmila, Amilia Natalya and Peter for your great support and guidence for my PR application.I will definitely highly recommend Ann Arbour Consultant Inc.for Canadian Immigration service. !!!!! I FEEL LIKE I COULD FLY, I AM SO HAPPY!!!!! Because of you guys thank you once again!!!!!!!!

    -David Lal
  • Testimonial

    It was a pleasure to work with Ann Arbour Consultants team from the initial consultation until the day my case was approved. They were always very accessible, responsive, and reliable, and were a very knowledgeable resource on timelines, procedures, current immigration laws and what to expect from the process from start to finish. Special thanks to Sharmila, Amilia and Natalya for helping with all my applications.

    -Anuka M
  • Testimonial

    It was pleasure to be a client of annarbour. I would sincerely want to thank you for you all for giving me a chance to move from desert to snow.
    Amiliya,a big shot of THANK YOU to you. without you coming to Canada would be just a dream .Also Sharmila,Natalya & Dilhani for the trustworthy service and support throughout the process.
    HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! If you want to move your life to Canada this is the best immigration consultants service.

    -Prabash Malaka
  • Testimonial

    Ann Arbour Consultants is an outstanding and trustworthy corporation. Even though pandemic all over the world, I could able to immigrate in Canada recently. I appreciate your tremendous support and excellent service throughout the process.

    -jude suranga
  • Testimonial

    I would like to thank the entire team Ann Arbor for my work permit and giving me a wonderful opportunity to work in Canada. The entire team had supported me through out in my process, very friendly and professional. I am so satisfied for the Immigration service from Ann Arbor.

    -Jithin M R
  • Testimonial

    I would highly recommend the Annarbour recruitment Agency for their high level of efficacy and professionalism.
    The agency has thoroughly guided me in my recruitment process, they were always keeping in touch especially during the critical Covid 19 pandemic, they ensured the process went smoothly until I finally joined my new company.
    Their staff never missed to reply promptly to all emails I sent to them. I am proud to say that it's dedicated staff are still keeping in touch with me till now.
    Trust me they are one of the best!!

    -ahamed raees
  • Testimonial

    I have received my PR confirmation on 4th of August, 2021. I would like to thank Shamila Perera, Amilia, Natalya,Dilhani,Urmila and peter for helping me with everything in this process. This was possible only because all of your assistance.
    Thank you once again for everything. The Best Consultancy Service in Canada.
    Amila Ranasinghe from Kananaskis, Alberta.

    -Amila Ranasinghe
  • Testimonial

    Great Experience! From the beginning to the very end.
    Honestly, it is really difficult to trust again after being scammed by some too good to be true Immigration Consultant. But ANNARBOUR proved that they are genuine and that they are trustworthy. Fast at responding, clear communication and thorough. Very big thanks to Ms. Sharmila, Mr. Peter, Ms. Natalya, Ms. Amelia and Ms. Dilhani. They were very supportive and gave me guidance throughout the whole process. They really did a tremendous job. Everything went well even during pandemic. They've proved to be Top notch! And now I'm living my Canada Dream! Highly recommended!

    -Angel Jung
  • Testimonial

    Annarbour is one of the most trusted and 100% guaranteed to get your work done. It's a very professional and genuine consultant. Sharmila always give a proper advice I trust and I follow her advice. She is a mother of most immigration lawyer Well experienced and very professional If anyone looking for Canadian immigration Don't think twice go to Ann Arbor immigration You be happy all time
    God bless Ann Arbor immigration and team

    -Sandip Talokar
  • Testimonial

    Annarbour has one of the best track records as Canada immigration consultants and they have again proven their best in services.
    The moment I decided to move to Canada, I was looking for a genuine consultants. Especially during this pandemic situation I wanted to choose a consultant who can support best in client servicing. Today I am fully satisfied for choosing Annarbour.
    Special thanks to Ms. Sharmila, Ms. Amilia, Ms. Dilhani, Ms. Natalya and especially Mr. Peter to giving the assistance until I reach my final destination and all the other members in the team for giving your support and fullest cooperation to achieve this great milestone in my life.

    -Vamadhevan Perumal
  • Testimonial

    Thank you so much for everything. The team was amazing and patience with me. I had a lot of support from them. Very blessed and I know I will defintely reccomanded to everybody. Thank you Natalya, Sharmila and Amilia.

    -Denyce U
  • Testimonial

    Ann Arbour Consultants Inc. is an outstanding immigration firm. They are professional, knowledgeable and dedicated. The service was absolutely great and needless to say I did get my visa approved. They made me feel so safe and in good hands, which I probably appreciated the most. I can't thank Sharmila and the whole team enough. If you are looking for a great immigration specialist - please, look no further! Many thanks to the entire team, always available via phone or email, answering all the questions in detail and guiding me through the whole process until fully successful. I am very glad I chose Ann Arbour and I highly recommend them if you are in need of immigration services.

    -Kanisha Fernando
  • Testimonial

    Lord thank you for giving us a chance to fulfill our PR dream in Canada, after all the challenges finally we are PR.
    We would like to express our fervent gratitude to the owner Ms Sharmila P and her cool staff Mr. Peter, Ms. Natalya and the rest of team who indeed patiently answer our queries.
    We highly recommend Ann Arbour Consultants Inc. for those aspiring individuals who want to make their dreams come true to reach Canada.

    -Bonn Carlo Del Puerto
  • Testimonial

    Thank you So much to the whole team πŸ™. Special thanks to Natalya, Shirmila and Amilia. I had no doubt with your work from the beginning. I recommended, recommend and will recommend you to anyone who ask me. There were some delays which is not under your control due to Covid pandemic. wish you all the best. πŸ’

    -Nishanthi Herath
  • Testimonial

    Best immigration consultancy services in whole Canada. Sharmila and all the staff are Very helpful and always guide in right direction. All of my family's immigration work, starting with my father- Mohammad Jamal's LMIA and work permit then my mother's work permit and me and my brother's study permit and then at last whole family's PR went smoothly and none of the applications got rejected as the work done by them is beyond perfect. Special mention to legal assistant - Natalya. She always help with the issues patiently and replies on time. Thank you for all the hard work your team do. Regards and best wishes.

    -Ilma Jamal
  • Testimonial

    Absolutely fantastic support given by all the team until to the journey of my permanent residence. Starting from Sharmila, all the team highly professional and trustworthy. Special thank should go to Natalya coz she done a fantastic job. She is very attentive and always be the best of best at her job role. Natalya having vast knowledge of her field and she always doing her part without any mistake. and next Peter, once i made a payment for my open work permit and i don't need to apply for that as i got my PR very soon. so Peter refunded my payment in the same day and i absolutely appreciate about his honesty. If anybody looking to apply in Canada, Ann arbour is the best team that you can have. Thank you soo much for the great work you done.

    -kolitha wijesooriya
  • Testimonial

    First of all, I should say Ann Arbour Consultant Service is one of the best immigration services in Canada. The entire team is much knowledgeable, friendly, professional. and attention to detail. My work permit process went very smoothly. They were very quick to communicate with me and scheduled consultations and interviews with necessary people.
    We have arrived in Canada during this pandemic period and I had a fear of how this process is going to be when we arrived in Canada. But, I am very happy to say that they have arranged everything prior to our arrival and they have made our stay safe and comfortable.
    A big thank to Sharmila and her entire team for giving me and my wife this golden opportunity to work and our two young kids to study and grow up in Canada.
    Finally, I would Highly recommend Ann Arbour Consultation Service to all my friends and anyone who would like to migrate to Canada.

    -Suneth Jayakody
  • Testimonial

    I am so grateful that i contacted Ann Arbour consultants to get my work permit extended. They are really knowledgeable and once you give your work in their hands, you do not have to worry for a split second. I can say my case was really tough but well they got everything figured out for me and i am just waiting to take a final step towards my PR. Thanks to Sharmila and her whole team to make it possible for me and i cannot thank them enough to take extra steps for me and getting me my LMIA as well work permit. I am so happy to receive good news about my PR. Thanking Sharmila, Natalya and Amilia and the whole team would not be enough. I cannot express in words how happy i am to get my work done through them. Could not ask for anything more. They are absolutely amazing in the work they do and the utmost sincerity with which they handle your work. Great job everyone- i would definitely recommend your services to all my near and dear ones. Once again Thankyou so much. My PR wouldnt have been possible without all of you.
    Thank you Annarbour 😊

    -mansi agrawal
  • Testimonial

    We did our in spousal sponsorship with Ann Arbour consultants . We had a great experience Sharmila and Natalya looked after our file. They submitted our package very efficiently , kept us in the loop always . I got my PR sooner than the actual processing time with no complications .
    Thank you soo much !! Keep up the excellent work .

    -manitha Assiriyage
  • Testimonial

    We finally got our PR status approved with the help of Sharmila and the entire team of Ann Arbour Consultants Inc. We are so thankful to them for all their support through the process. We were very happy with the level of service and attention to detail. They are highly professional and experienced consultants. They handled our case with care and utter professionalism. A very special thank you to Natalya and Amilia. We really appreciate all your efforts. We would highly recommend them to anyone seeking to regulate their status in Canada. Keep up the excellent work.

    -Nalin Herath
  • Testimonial

    Thank you to this wonderful team! for all the help and advice to secure work permits for me and my wife even with all the problems COVID brought.
    Thank you Sharmila for taking us on, to Amilia for advising us on the documents, Natalya who is always there to answer your questions, Peter for being around when we called to provide any advise we need, Dilhani for handling our file . An excellent team of professionals.

    -Shane Hamer
  • Testimonial

    I highly recommend using Ann Arbour Consultants immigration lawyers. They were very professional, knowledgeable, dedicated, and helpful. Natalya Tyumentseva especially went above and beyond during this process and even uploaded the application out of her work hours. I would recommend them to anyone who seeks immigration-related work without any doubt.

    -Ravi Tyronne
  • Testimonial

    I'm highly delighted of your service from starting to the end. not only for me but also for spouse and family too. especially Sharmila Perera highly professional, she handled my refused case smoothly managed until PR. finally me and family finally received my PR confirmation and I'm extremely delighted to your service. I sincerely thank you to all of whole Ann arbour team , (Amillia, Natalya madam) finally i highly recommend who wants to move to Canada.

    -Ang Dawa Sherpa
  • Testimonial

    On behalf of my family in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh & Seychelles, I am very thankful to all the staff of Anne arbour Consultants especially with the leadership of Sharmila Perera for the outstanding work put into getting work permits for my nephew and niece during the pandemic and also obtaining holiday visas for multiple members of my family. The staff is truly knowledgeable, skilled and shows empathy throughout the process. No doubt, their success derives from the ability to meet clients needs and provide the final outcome with great satisfaction. Please continue to help, support and guide other aspiring families to migrate or visit Canada. I will always be grateful for your service and would recommend you to future immigrants. I wish you all the very best in your future endeavours and God’s Blessings.

    -Caryl Martil
  • Testimonial

    We as a family would like to thank Ann Arbour Consultants for their help and support which was rendered to us in fulfilling our dream come true. Even though it was not an easy task of stepping into this land we would say that they helped us every step of the way.
    There are many agencies that fall into the migration category, it is not easy to trust an agency even which is not in your own country, so even we had a second thought of going ahead with them. As the main applicant when I spoke to Amilia she was very nice and clear in explaining the procedures of how it will happen. So we thought of giving it a try as this office is in Toronto. I would like to say it was not an easy ride down the road. It took us more than one and a half to two years to come to Canada. Ann Arbour is a trustworthy agency that will help you out in choosing a pathway of helping you out if your dream is to migrate and to obtain a permanent Residency, I would say they are one of the best. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to Sharmila, Amilia, Dilhani, Peter and Natalya for their extra ordinary support which was rendered to us. We would say keep up the good work and do your best as you have supported us.
    We have still not received our PR but we are in the process of achieving our dream of permanent residency in Canada. We hope they will be helpful as they were with us through the process as a family. We would like to extend a special thanks to Natalya and Peter as they outstand the others. I still have friendly chats with them and they are like my friends who are always just a call away. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks and gratitude towards Ann Arbour and the team and would pray for God's blessings upon them.

    -Sweenie siegertsz Tissera
  • Testimonial

    I would like to give my sincere gratitude to all of the Ann arbour team members for supporting me to enter to Canada and get a job in a valuable and beautiful place. Since day 1 they coordinate everything me very cleary.I highly recommend Ann arbour for any one who wish to come to Canada for the job and the PR.
    Thank you All for the wonderful opportunity that you gave to me.

    -sajith fernando
  • Testimonial

    From day one Ann Arbour team has been there- above and beyond- in every aspect of our journey in getting Canadian visa. We just received our approvals and this was a dream that came true. I still can't believe that this has happened to us. If not for Ms. Sharmila Perera and her amazing team this wouldn't be possible. They always got right back to us whenever we had doubts and worked through the process in a genius way as they always were. We highly recommend this team. Such a great, trustworthy team with a great spirit. Please keep up the good work and have the strength to bring many more dreams in to reality .!!!

    -Ranjith Dharmapala
  • Testimonial

    My experience with Ann Arbour is beyond great. Their service and knowledge is just amazing. My entire process was smooth and I received my work permit, PR application in process. Thanks to Natalya. She is very patience with my N number of questions and my special thanks to Sharmila, Amilia and Peter from the beginning they were Direct me in the right direction.

    -naveen kallepalli
  • Testimonial

    Thank you Natalya and Sharmila for the excellent support and guidance in my PR process. Your positive approach, expertise and proficiency are appreciable. I would personally recommend Ann Arbour Consultants Inc for all immigration guidance.

    -Nikita Pise
  • Testimonial

    My husband and I are so grateful for the Annarbour team's constant professionalism, efforts and hard work on our PR application. Natalya and Sharmila were incredibly supportive and got us through the process as smoothly as possible, especially given the extensive difficulties and changes proven by the pandemic. Thank you to the whole team!

    -Stephanie Weston
  • Testimonial

    Ann Arbour consultant is one of most genuine and trustworthy firm that you should reach Out to if you planing to Fly canada. I can 100%. Guaranteed that you won’t be disappointed since I’ve got my work visa done. And of course they guide you and reach out to help you with any difficulties you face throughout the process. And a special thanks goes to Natalya who handle my legal documentation.thank you ones again for the great service.

    -Viran Fernando
  • Testimonial

    We got both our work permit and the PR process done from Ann Arbour and we are more then greatfull to them for all the help they provided us throughout the whole process. Thank you for all the help.
    Anu & Ajantha

    -Anuradha Wickremasinghe Namarathna
  • Testimonial

    I would like to recommend Ann Arbour for those wanting to move to Canada and looking for genuine consultants. I was skeptic before since I have tried other agencies which did not worked out. Thankfully, I kept my faith in Ann Arbour and they have helped me find a job and successfully get my work permit to Canada. The whole team was very supportive. Sharmila ensured my application is being taken care of. Dilhani, Amilia and Natalya were very helpful and made sure every document and step is coordinated.
    Thank you very much, Ann Arbour!

    -Nuain Bhaiji
  • Testimonial

    We did our in spousal sponsorship with Ann Arbour consultants . We had a great experience . Sharmila and Natalya ensured everything in our file had been reviewed and advised us accordingly .They submitted our package very efficiently , kept us in the loop always . I got my PR sooner than the actual processing time with no complications .
    Thank you soo much !!
    Keep up the excellent work..

    -Praneeth Assiriyage
  • Testimonial

    if you dreaming to moving to Canada then Ann Arbour will help in making your dream come true. Their services are awesome for PR process (cz I have only avail their services for PR)Natalya is playing best role.

    -Shivanshu Nawab
  • Testimonial

    It is a professional Agency and carried out it business with due diligence, I am a former client of annarbour consultants that help me get to Canada on a work contract. Their service is the best. Alvin Toby

    -Alvin Toby
  • Testimonial

    Ann arbour consultants Inc is very trusted company and very professional. they handled my work permit application very smoothly and all the updates and documents needed to submit they inform me ahead of time so that when they will formally apply my application it will be there.
    All of them are very helpful and accomodating. I like to ask many questions but they didnt hestitate to answer me everytime. Thank you so much,with your big help ,i'm now in my dream country. And now they still continue to assist me with regards of the next step to permantly stay here in canada. Thank you so much❀️❀️❀️

    -Jenneth Lago Bigueras
  • Testimonial

    All the staff are very helpful and caring.They make sure that their clients are in good hands and happy once they already arrived in their own destination...So,if you are dreaming to work and settle in Canada just like me....Let ANN ARBOUR CONSULTANT make your DREAM come TRUE!!!

    -Estrella Twinkle Narito Reynon
  • Testimonial

    I finally found an account manager of which for the first time in 5 years I will write a positive review. Mrs. Raymond Malia really showed her good side. With the depositing and withdrawal of funds, in general, there are no problems, everything comes on time, and of course, webinars which are conducted very often for beginners, traders and if you want to recover your lost funds I recommend Mrs Raymond Malia. In general, for five months I have had no complaints about the platform. you can reach her via email ??is.raymondmalia77@gmail.com
    Whastapp:+1 (818) 850-0792

    -Alice Mbulu
  • Testimonial

    I highly recommend Ann Arbour Consultants Inc. Everyone here is very supportive, helpful, hardworking and trustworthy. All my and my family's work has been done by them and now we all are happily living in Canada.

    -Mohd Jamal
  • Testimonial

    Good service, would definitely recommend it to a friend. Thank you for helping us to become Canadian permanent residents!

    -Alexander Shemetov
  • Testimonial

    I was referred by a friend of mine from Edmonton. He always said Ann Arbour is the best consultant for the process. He was perfectly right and I was confident that I was with good hands for the PR process throughout. I was amazed with the service you have provided to me. Sharmila and team had always given me the right advice and solutions for the complete process whenever required. Moreover, they did not pressure for the payments and were adjustable and friendly with payment procedure. It was the right time I found you as my consultants and I would definitely recommend and refer my friends and colleagues to choose you because of the genuine in you all which I liked the most. Thanks again for all the support….will keep it touch.

    -Chrisanth Ponnambalam
  • Testimonial

    I am so happy to have gone through this process with Ann Arbour. I know of many immigration Consultants who have been inconsiderate and unhelpful to so many of my friends. This journey was made much easier because of your excellent service. And I would always recommend you to my contacts. All the best!!

    -Amangi Senadhipathi
  • Testimonial

    Ann Arbour is one of the most professional: I really appreciate all the help and service you have provided during the application procedures. I would really recommend applicants who want to apply for immigration to contact Ann Arbour.

    -Falah Al Tikrity
  • Testimonial

    Right from the beginning since me and my wife Heena got in touch with Ann Arbour we knew our case is in extremely safe and professional hands. Every member of their team we came across through since our application assisted us throughout. Not only they help us though our paper works but also assisted in finding the right job for us. We sincerely thank Ann Arbour for fulfilling our dream of getting settled in Canada. We would recommend Ann Arbour to anyone who would like to get settle and come to Canada. Thank you once again for all your efforts. God Bless !!

    -Rahul Dhamankar
  • Testimonial

    when you come to Canada as a student, you come with so much of dreams to establish your life and you don’t want to just go back and start all over again. I feel like Ann Arbour was an integral part of getting this journey together. It was such a great experience….I really loved working with them and I would love to work with them again. I would recommend Ann Arbour to anyone and would like to say, ‘go work with them, and they are really good.

    -Gautam Kumar Subramanian