Temporary Foreign Worker Program

An employer may make an offer of employment to a foreign national if:

  • The employer is able to prove that it is a necessary to hire foreign national
    • Due to a shortage of labour in the area
    • Is unable to locate a suitable candidate in Canada
    • Is willing to pay the median wage rate and undertake to comply by all the FW regulations
    • Has not contravened the regulations previously
  • The offer of employment has to be approved by ESDC and a Labour market impact assessment has to be provided (LMIA)

If a positive LMIA is issued to the employer and it is provided to the foreign national, the foreign national may apply for a work permit to Canada providing that the foreign National

  • Is admissible to Canada (Need to obtain criminal or medical clearance)
  • Is able to and qualified to perform the duties of the offer
  • Is able to demonstrate proficiency in English or French
  • Has a temporary intent to be in Canada

Temporary and permanent foreign workers can also be hired through the different Provincial Nominee Programs. You do not need to obtain an LMIA but you need approval from the Province and a job offer from an employer from that Province.

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