Family Sponsorship Visa Canada

Canada is well known for its empathy and encouragement of reunification of the family unit. Hence many programs have been put in place where a resident or Citizen of Canada can sponsor family members including a spouse, parents and grandparents, brothers, sisters and other blood relatives and some Provinces even encourage to sponsor friends. Sponsorship programs include both Federal and Provincial programs.

Ann Arbour Consultants Inc., with offices in Whitby, Ontario, Edmonton, Alberta and Vancouver, British Columbia, serves its corporate clients in Canada based in the Provinces of British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, The Atlantic Provinces, Newfoundland and North West Territories.

Ann Arbour Consultants Inc. also serves individual clients located inside Canada and those located globally specifically from Asia, South East Asia, UAE, North and South America, Morocco, France, Mauritius, and Tunisia.

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