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Sharmila Perera

Founder and President of
Ann Arbour Consultants Inc,
Ann Arbour Executive Search Inc.

Ann Arbour Holdings Inc.
(Immigration, Recruitment & Companies)
Director PCM Inc.
(Property Development and Renovation Company)
Director, Perfectly Me Inc.
(Personal and Professional Coaching and Consulting)
CEO, Stay home Forever Inc. (Franchise company)
(Senior Care and Age in Place company)

Immigration Consultant Toronto

Sharmila, is a member of ICCRC ( Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Society), CAPIC ( Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants), member of the Ajax-Pickering Board of Trade, connecting GTA, Ramara and Orillia Chamber of Commerce and works with cities at different levels of government in seeking out business opportunities for clients who wish to immigrate as entrepreneurs and investors. Her passion is to see people succeed at any level, in a safe and secure environment and it is her belief that Canada provides the best possible environment to live and work. Her biggest joy is to see her clients do well and succeed in Canada.

Amilia Cooray

Director - Processing and Corporate division, Amilia has many years of education and experience in the legal and administrative fields. She is known to be the Queen of LMIA’s with a proven track record of 99.9% approvals. Amilia’s success is based on her strict ethics, empathy towards clients and her determination to have no application refused. Amelia also handles recruitment. Amilia is like a soft boiled egg – hard on the outside and extremely soft on the inside. If you experience Amelia’s toughness – remember that her one goal is to ensure your dream of coming to Canada comes true!

Immigration Consultant Toronto

Peter Ragell

Manager – Financial Administration, Peter keeps track of all finances of the company. Peter has become an invaluable resource to Ann Arbour in not only handling all finances of the company but also in providing accurate information to clients, potential clients and those seeking information on immigrating to Canada and our services. Peter ensures the entire team adheres to procedures and policies even in the busiest of times, much to the annoyance of his colleagues. He is known to keep the “team in line”.

Immigration Consultant Toronto

Natalya Tyumentseva

Assistant Manager – Processing Department, Natalya single handedly overlooks and manages all files of each and every client and submits to Canada immigration. Her track record of approvals has been nothing but excellent. Being a fairly new immigrant herself, she understands the struggles of clients in this difficult process and her caring attitude and willing smile goes a long way to assuring clients that their file is in the best of hands. Natalya is never without a smile and works with never a complaint no matter the work load.

Immigration Specialist Hamilton

Pablo Garcia

We are very pleased to have Pablo working as our International Recruiter for those seeking to immigrate to Canada in the hospitality industry. With ten years of international recruitment experience and being the founder of the Mexican Culinary Society, Chef Pablo comes with plenty of knowledge about the best option for all hospitality professionals interested to work and immigrate to Canada. His international recruitment experience changed the lives of more than 8,000 hospitality professionals mostly from Latin American countries, helping them to develop their international careers in the US, Spain, Australia, Dubai and Cruise line companies. As the Ann Arbour International Recruiting Manager, he travels all over the world hosting immigration seminars for the hospitality Industry, under the guidance of our regulated Immigration Specialist Sharmila Perera, and helping them to make their dreams come true in Canada.

Immigration Specialist Hamilton

Dilhani Dharmadasa

Master of document collections, Dilhani is responsible for ensuring each required document is collected and stored securely for each client. Known for her strict ways in ensuring clients provide the documents in the exact manner required, Dilhani ensures that CIC would never have to ask for any extra documents, as every piece is provided upfront. This ensures the timely processing of applications at CIC and faster visas for our clients. You do not want to cross Dilhani and her document collection process. She has your best interest at heart.

Immigration Consultant Toronto

Urmila Jayasekera

Assisting all departments, sales, processing and corporate division Urmila is the Jack of all trades, and master of it all as well. without her assistance the managers of each division will have a hard time coping with the work load to ensure timely processing and service. Urmila juggles all with never a complaint. Urmila is also our internal social media specialist. She will answer your questions on social media and posts interesting things that happen at our company.

Immigration Consultant Toronto

Ashanthi Peter

Assisting Natalya, Ashanthi processes files to completion and assists Natalya in all aspects of the processing Department. Ashanthi is extremely detailed oriented and leaves no stone unturned when seeking out information or when processing client files. Ashanthi works behind the scenes, hardly ever coming into contact with clients. Yet without her expertise and quick turn-around time on processing files, this department could not function efficiently. Ashanthi is our quiet mouse that makes herself known only if necessary but yet manages to make her presence felt each day

Immigration Consultant Toronto

Nirmal Mendis

The youngest employee at Ann Arbour, Nirmal is considered the baby of our team. Having finished his studies in Canada as an international student Nirmal joined Ann Arbour on a temporary basis as an administrator and to assist in recruitment as well. He is now happy that he is permanently stuck with the team of Ann Arbour and continues to service all of our clients by providing up to date information on immigration programs. Our phones ring 24/7 every minute of every day. Never to complain, Nirmal answers all clients with patience and care. We are overjoyed at him joining our team as a permanent employee.

Immigration Consultant Toronto

Smriti Bhargava

Coming from a background of management, Smriti speaks 5 different languages assisting us in providing a great service to our Indian and Sri Lankan clientele. Smriti works in Sales, Marketing, recruitment and coordinates all online marketing campaigns with our social media team. Smriti’s work ethic is second to none. She does not rest until all client inquiries are taken care of night, day, or weekends. Being relatively new to Canada she too understands the struggles of people seeking to immigrate to Canada and services everyone with empathy and care. Smriti is a great addition to our team

Immigration Consultant Toronto

Prasann Leanage

Prasann acts as our Financial Consultant on an independent basis. He is instrumental in our budgeting process, financial planning and ensuring all accounts receivable and payable are up to date. He brings to the table many years of experience working as a CFO mostly to single business owners. Prasann gets our business, gets our goals, and gets our vibe at the office. His contribution has led us to expand our business to many areas, serving especially business and entrepreneur clients. Ann Arbour is lucky to have his knowledge and experience in the furtherance of our business.

Immigration Consultant Toronto

Rohan Perera

Director, Partner and adviser to company, he is a silent force at Ann Arbour. He is also a Director of PCM Inc, and Stay Home Forever Inc., property development and renovation companies.

Chris Serpanchy

Chris is our Certified General Accountant and tax specialist. We hate him during tax season but love him the rest of the year. He makes himself available at all times to advise us on all aspects of accounting and Taxation.

Team @ Webware

Our social media and SEO specialists, the webware team works with our internal team to provide upto date immigration news on our social media and guides our team in advertising and marketing through social media. They also look after our website.

Immigration Consultant Toronto


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