Permanent Immigration Services

  • Federal Express Entry
  • Provincial Nomination
  • Doing Business or Invest

Having an approved job offer to Canada provides you the opportunity to come to Canada faster and more successfully either Federally or Provincially.

  • Invest Federally
  • Invest Provincially
  • Do Business (Entrepreneurs)
  • Owner/Operator Program
  • Be Self Employed
  • Start up Visa

Canada is known to be one of the most economically established countries to do business. Canada encourages and supports small, medium or large business enterprises. You may invest and do business FEDERALLY OR PROVINCIALLY or in QUEBEC.

if you require guidance as to which program suits you best please send an email to or fill in the contact us form. If you wish to be self employed you must meet all of the SELF EMPLOYMENT criteria. Please note most often such applications take several years for processing. or fill in the contact us form.

Owner/Operator LMIA program allows you to live and do business in any Province or city of your choice. To be successful you must invest at least $250,000 and prove that the business will be a significant benefit to the society. This is by far one of the most lucrative ways of coming to Canada as a business person.

Other ways to permanently Immigrate

  • Sponsorship
  • Humanitarian
  • Caregiver Program

Canada is well known for its empathy and encouragement of reunification of the family unit. Hence many programs have been put in place where a resident or Citizen of Canada can sponsor family members including a spouse, parents and grandparents, brothers, sisters and other blood relatives and some Provinces even encourage to sponsor friends. Sponsorship programs include both Federal and Provincial programs.

You may apply for permanent residence from within Canada on humanitarian and compassionate grounds (H&C) if you:

  • Are a foreign national currently living in Canada; and
  • Need an exemption from one or more requirements of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) or Regulations in order to apply for permanent residence within Canada; and
  • Believe you would experience unusual and undeserved or disproportionate hardship if you are not granted the exemption you need; and
  • Are not eligible to apply for permanent residence from within Canada in any of these classes:
    • Spouse or Common-Law Partner
    • Live-in Caregiver
    • Protected Person and Convention Refugees
    • Temporary Resident Permit Holder

There are now 4 ways to apply for permanent residence as a caregiver.

If you do not have the required experience to apply for permanent residency under the Home Child Care Provider program or the Home Support Workers program, you may apply to come to work in Canada with a job offer to gain this experience.