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Why should you become a student in Canada?

Studying in Canada provides you not only with a qualification recognized world wide but also assists you to apply for residency in Canada after completion of a recognized course from a designated Institute.

A 2 year qualifying program can assist you with obtaining a 3 year post graduate work permit. This in turn gives you the opportunity to apply for residency under Federal programs and many Provincial Programs.

At Ann Arbour we guide you from day one to achieve the end result of obtaining residency – most of our advice is free and therefore we encourage all applicants to take advantage of this service.

We are agents for several post secondary institutes in Canada. However we do not limit ourselves to these institutes and can obtain admission to any school of choice in any Province

after obtaining admission, we submit a student visa application. Criteria for students

  • Obtain admission to a school
  • Proof of financial ability to pay fees and sustain living in Canada
  • Proof that you have a genuine intention to study in Canada
  • Proof you have met all pre-requisites of Institute
  • Proof of language abilities ( academic IELTS is necessary)

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