Saroj Thapa

Author: Ann Arbour Consultants Inc. |

I recently had the pleasure of working with Ann Arbour Consultants Inc, a consultancy agency that guided me through the entire application process for my Canadian dream. I would like to sincerely thank Ms. Natalya, Ms. Amilia, Ms. Smriti, Ms. Nishanthi, Mr. Peter, Ms. Dilhani, Ms. Udhari, Ms. Piume, Ms. Sharmila, and all the other hidden team members who supported me in achieving my goal. From the very beginning, I bombarded Ms. Dilhani with numerous inquiries through emails. Despite my constant questioning, she remained patient and diligent in addressing all my concerns. Her prompt responses and clear explanations greatly reassured me throughout the process. I also had the opportunity to speak with Ms. Nishanthi during phone calls, and I must say that she played a pivotal role in comforting me during moments of anxiety. Her empathetic nature and warm persona made me feel comfortable discussing my concerns with her. The entire team at Ann Arbour Consultants Inc demonstrated incredible professionalism and expertise in every step of the application process. They were thorough in their guidance, ensuring that I understood all the requirements and procedures involved. Without their support and assistance, navigating through this complex process would have been much more challenging. I am truly grateful for their dedication and hard work in making my Canadian dream a reality. I wholeheartedly recommend Ann Arbour Consultants Inc to anyone in need of proper guidance and support for their immigration or study abroad aspirations. Moving forward, I am confident that I can rely on their expertise for further assistance in my future endeavors. Once again, thank you to the entire team at Ann Arbour Consultants Inc for their exceptional service.


  • Confidence is the most beautiful thing you can possess.

    Bijin Sivan

  • thank you very much Ann Arbour for your support and guidance for my PR appreciate thank you for everything

    Kasun Jayasooriya

  • Fantastic support given by Sharmila, Amilia, Natalya and team. Highly recommend Annarbour Consultants..

    Rajika Abeysekara