Chamara Fonseka

Author: Ann Arbour Consultants Inc. |

Amazing service.....Team Ann Arbour.

I came with my wife to Canada a few months back, and I truly believe without the help of team Ann Arbour, I wouldn’t be able to make my Canada dream come true in such a short period. From the first day, I felt that my application was in safe hands as the entire process was transparent and hazel-free.


I firmly recommend Ann Arbour because, they handled the application process efficiently and effectively and were very informative and professional at every step. They were highly competent during the entire process by giving excellent service, never-ending support, and professional guidance with encouragement. The team is experienced, listened to all our concerns politely, and provided the best and most accurate solutions. They essentially took the stress out of our application process.


I am still over the moon thinking back on the entire process as I struggled to make my Canada dream a reality with many other agents before I started with Ann Arbour.

My heartfelt thanks go to the entire team, especially to Ms. Sharmila, Amilia, Natalya, Smrithi, Dilhani, Ayoma and Peter. Thank you for being patient with our many questions and your prompt replies.


It’s great to be working with a team that’s willing to help and cater to the needs of your client.

My advice here is stay on a task, and you couldn’t be in better hands than with Ann Arbour Consultants.

Thank you once again...
Chamara Fonseka


  • Confidence is the most beautiful thing you can possess.

    Bijin Sivan

  • thank you very much Ann Arbour for your support and guidance for my PR appreciate thank you for everything

    Kasun Jayasooriya

  • Fantastic support given by Sharmila, Amilia, Natalya and team. Highly recommend Annarbour Consultants..

    Rajika Abeysekara