Visit Canada

Canada is one of the most beautiful place on this planet. Whether you like mountains or prairie, or city life or a country life, whether you like a hot climate or a cold climate, outdoor activities or indoor or water activities – Canada provides it all.

Canada is known for its friendly , helpful accommodating people, safe environment and a place where the young and the old can enjoy an absolutely wonderful holiday.

Canada is also a vibrant place to conduct business. Many Global and International firms have established branches in Canada. Canada encourages trade and small business transactions.

Whether you are looking to visit Canada to enjoy the beauty of the Country or whether you are looking to do business – Canada is the place to be!!!


  • Provide proof of reason for a visit
  • Have an invitation from a resident or a business in Canada.
  • Provide proof as to where you will be visiting and who you will be visiting
  • Proof of any hotel bookings
  • Financial ability to fund the visit
  • Ties to the country of residency/citizenship
  • Proof of leave from your work place
  • Though its not a must – submit any police clearances

Super Visa

You can sponsor your parents/grandparents under a super visa ( which is not a permanent Visa) if you are:

  • over 18 years of age
  • Show you earn the minimum required amount according to the number of dependents you may have (commonly known as LICO)
  • Show you can support them
  • Undertake to take care of them financially
  • Able to obtain a Canadian medical insurance policy ( special criteria apply)

The super visa is a type of temporary visa provided for 10 years and renewable every 2 years. These visas are usually processed in 60 days and the applicant must be admissible to Canada and must pass medical and background checks

Since the application process for permanent sponsorship of a parent or grandparent can be lengthy, it is advisable to apply for a super visa which will allow a parent or grandparent to reside in Canada for a longer period of time until the permanent resident application is processed.

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