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Canada has always been a land of opportunity where everyone – no matter what age, colour or religion can succeed in any profession they choose to be. With the aging population peeking in the next 10 years, economic growth in the country and the labour problems the Pandemic has brought it, the opportunities have tripled for those seeking to make Canada their home. 


Recent studies have shown that, certain industries will be hit the hardest. Hotel and hospitality and health care are right up there and those in these sectors looking to immigrate to Canada will be quickly grabbed by frustrated employers who are struggling to keep their businesses open and providing services without the required staff. 


Immigration Canada has stepped up to accommodate these demands by increasing the number of people being accepted into Canada, Federally and Provincially. Unfortunately, due to the closure of processing centres and huge backlog of the processing of applications are currently being seen and frustrated applicants are left without much information as to when they can hope to have their applications finalized. Like all industries, a shortage of qualified and experienced staff in all processing centres may have contributed to this backlog as well. 


Nevertheless, the good news is that yearly Canada will announce an increase in immigrate levels. The top talent from across the globe will be recruited. Employers who are open to recruiting talent from outside Canada will definitely be ahead of the game in business and more and more employers are understanding the importance of the necessity to seek foreign talent. 


There is hope. The world and all its people have gone through immense hardships in the last 2 years. But there is hope and there is opportunity in Canada. 


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