Why professional advice is important for your visa application

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As a traveller or a business owner planning on expanding internationally, the visa application sometimes tends to be the trickiest part of the process, a process which can set the applicant back by a fairly long time if done wrong. The process of applying for a visa is similar to that of waiting for results from an exam to come out, as no matter how prepared the applicant might be, there’s always something that could go wrong.

This is where professional consultants come in. The main role of a visa consultation is to assist a client in traveling from one country to another, along with advice on legal and documentation to ensure that the process is completed as smoothly as possible. The structured and efficient process exercised by a consultant will increase the chances of approval.

Here are reasons why you should always trust a professional consultant to handle your process for you:


One of the worst parts about wanting to migrate or immigrate is how tedious the application process can be, especially when the applicant has to do it himself or herself.

Fortunately, professional consultants handle all of that for you, and all that’s required from you are the documents necessary. Starting with filling the application forms, preparing the letters, and booking appointment dates, we handle it all.


Without a doubt, a visa consultant has years of experience with the process, having successfully dealt with countless clients.

A consultant has an accurate and experienced grasp of information on everything required for the process. It is of the utmost importance to have access to said information, as it affects the planning of the itinerary and everything that’s at stake when the application is finally made. Additionally, professional consultants are well ahead of time if any increments or cancellations are required in the application process. Likewise, they always remain up to date with any changes to the legislation.

Visa requirements have always been incredibly specific and stringent, and failing to comply with even one requirement leads to complicated circumstances which cost time and money, and sometimes even affect future applications.

Your chances of approval are infinitely better when applying through professionals who have experience with the process, which leads to...


A consultancy firm works towards constant success, perfecting the process with every new client they get, so accountability is always an important factor that plays into how much trust and integrity is associated with them, ergo affecting their chances with future clientele.

This is precisely why achieving a high approval rate is of the utmost importance to professional consultants, an ongoing incentive to maintain professionalism and successful relationships with clients.

There are no disadvantages to hiring a certified migration agent, but the benefits are many and substantial. This is where Ann Arbour Consultants come in.

The process of immigration is one not to be taken lightly. Many countries have restrictions and stringent requirements that must be obeyed to the absolute letter. By working with an experienced and professional consultant, you ensure that your process is smooth, quick, efficient, and done by the book. The benefits of using professional consultants are numerous, and while it’s an additional expense, it almost completely eliminates the possibility of significantly bigger expenditure and lessened success during re-application.

Whether your needs are casual or corporate, Ann Arbour Consultants maintain a high success rate and our status as specialists when it comes to assisting immigration to Canada. We are fully equipped and prepared to walk you through a successful and efficient process. We consider the responsibility of ensuring your successful application a privilege, and with countless years of success to our name, we have only gotten better with time. We are at your service.

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