This beautiful land called Canada - By Sharmila Perera

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The pandemic has had different effects on people, places and businesses. One of the negative aspects for many have been the inability to travel internationally. But I look at it in a positive way. Canada is vast, beautiful with a great amount of land, terrains, water bodies and trails. From the great lakes, to the rocky mountains, the prairies in between to the oceans to the East and West Canada has it all….but we as Canadians tend to travel everywhere else other than in our own country. The pandemic has forced people including myself to look at Canada in a new light. 


I have been feeling the urge to take off someplace for a few weeks now. I have not seen my clients out West for many months. I have not been able to do my marketing and sales which is vital to my immigration business. At the same time, I am still not comfortable enough to be cooped up with others at close proximity at 35,000 ft. flying was not an option. So my husband Rohan and I have looked at other options and an RV was one we have been considering for at least 2 years now and this seemed like the perfect time. After 2 weeks of searching – viola! we had a new home on wheels. We packed it with essentials and hit the road right after the long weekend. 


First stop – Tobermory  and flower pot Island. All summer long I had wanted to visit flower pot island and it was always too crowded. Crowds during the pandemic is not my choice. September was a good time – weather is cooler, kids back in school and no crowds. We booked a private camping site on Millerlake for 2 days and took the cruise from Tobermory to flower pot island. We witnessed 2 ship wrecks off the fathom 5 national Marine Park and visited the flower pot like rock formations of thousands of years ago that gave the island its name. We took a picnic as we wanted to get dropped off at the island to do a 3 our trek to see the caves, witness up close the rock formations and the wilderness. The trek was quite treacherous and left me having to climb large rocks ( which my short legs were not appreciative of) but it was beautiful, serene, the pebbled beaches were just what I needed. We picnicked close to the water and took in the beauty of it all. Back on the boat and back in Tobermory, we ate at a wayside fish and chips and sipped on icy cold margaritas. Exhausted we headed back to the RV, relaxed and listened to music while we fell asleep. Next morning we hooked up the RV to our truck and headed on the road. 


Sault Ste. Marie. 

I had visited Sault Ste. Marie about 5 years ago and loved it. always wanted to go back and take the train to Agawa – unfortunately the train was not operating due to COVID – we decided to just make a pit stop for the night before we head for 2 more days at Thunder bay.  The water front of Sault Ste. Marie is just mesmerizing especially as the sun sets and lights on the board walk shine on the water. The blue skies turn into a riot of colours as the sunsets and we watched the fisherman on the water go out for their night fishing. The air is crisp and cool and  a brisk walk before dinner was the perfect way to end the day.  7am we were packed and ready to hit the road the next day towards Thunder Bay. The last time we had driven past this area was at night time and we didn’t see the beauty of this place. It was endless wooded areas, trees turning colour in anticipation of fall, windy roads and beautiful bodies of water. We wish we had more days to spend in the beautiful place. I would have loved to explore some trails and to kayak in some waters – maybe next summer – definitely a rain check on spending time this part of the woods

Thunder Bay – home of the big apple. It was 7pm when we reached our camp site. We lit a camp fire, BBQ’ d some meat, sipped on some brandy and watched the stars. What will tomorrow bring. 


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